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Major industry players cash in at both ends of pipeline

Companies find advantages in dealing with mining and retailing while steering clear of the more problematic diamond manufacturing sector.

October 12, 2011

Up until recent years, everyone knew their place in the diamond and jewellery industry. Dealers dealt in diamonds and sold them to manufacturers, who cut and polished them. They, in turn, sold them to wholesalers and jewellery manufacturers, who then sold them to retailers. With the purchase of jewellery by the end consumer, the cycle was complete.

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Gold: Where to from here?

Gold is rising in a super-trend which has lasted for more than 10 years. The primary trend, however, is accelerating as the debt crisis in Europe evolves. European banks are now in a precarious position and default of a single debtor nation would cause a crisis of confidence. The situation is similar to the 2007 sub-prime crisis which was accompanied by a similar surge in demand for gold.

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Market Report for Diamonds

Market sentiment has turned more cautious. With the global economic uncertainties gripping financial markets, the Swiss franc’s strength causing real concerns in the watch industry, which is a major buyer of small, better quality diamonds, and a real possibility of a double dip recession in the US,

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Buyer interest pushes prices through the roof at auction

While the general diamond jewellery market has only started seeing widespread growth again in the past year, following the slump brought on the global financial crisis, the high end of the market, specifically the auction sector, has seen extraordinary levels of activity for close to three years.

Indeed, international auctioneers are struggling to keep up with demand,

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Indian Gem Industry Growing by 15% Annually 

he gem and jewelry industry in India is predicted to reach $48 billion by the year 2015, according to The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. "Growing at a steady rate of 15% the domestic gems and jewelry market is currently poised at INR 1.22 lakh crore," said the ASSOCHAM in a study titled "Current Trends in Indian Gems and Jewellery Sector."

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