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Gold Sinks Below $1,200, Platinum Hits 5-Year Low

By Rob Bates, News Director

Posted on October 3, 2014

Oct. 3 was a tough day for metal prices: Gold sank below $1,200, and platinum plummeted to a five-year low. 

Gold’s drop below the $1,200 barrier is the latest dip in a roller-coaster year for the yellow metal: It started the year over $1,200 and seemed to be approaching the $1,400 mark in March. But at press time, its spot price was $1,192 an ounce, meaning it is now down for the year.

Gold futures last fell under that benchmark in December.

Analysts attributed the sell-off in part to a spate of upbeat economic news, including reports that the unemployment rate fell 6 percent.

Platinum was trading at $1,222 an ounce at press time, its lowest level since 2009, and a $40 drop from today’s opening price. Analysts said the drop was in part caused by slowing demand in Europe.


Diamond Prices will go UP!! in the next 1-5 years !! (sell all gold now!)

Diamonds may not be a girl’s best friend during the next four years thanks to rising prices. The increase is expected to surpass gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) prices.

According to analysts, with the increased spending on luxury goods in China (NYSE:FXI), India (NYSE:IFN) and the Middle East, this could outpace the supply of this high-priced gem.

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Ridiculous Holiday Gifts: 15 Solid-Gold Gadgets


Diamond to grace gold coin celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on throne 

The Canadian Mint has announced that it will be adding a diamond to a limited edition of gold coins bearing the likeness of the English monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, which is being released to celebrate her diamond jubilee year.

Queen Elizabeth, who was coronated in 1952, also serves as the Canadian head of state.

The Can. $300 gold coin is made of one-tenth of an ounce of 99.99 percent pure gold and is inset with what the Canadian Mint describes as the world's first "genuine diamond insert,” which allows the owner to admire the diamond's brilliance on either side of the coin.

Limited to 1,500 coins, the diamond jubilee edition retails not for Can. $300, but rather for Can. $2,000. The one side features a younger image of Queen Elizabeth, as she appeared in 1952, and the other side features the 85-year-old monarch as she appears today.



Gold Bar 101 – Everything You Ought To Understand About This Valuable Metal

Remember the famed movie, Indiana Jones? How about the box office hit of Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz about mummies and Egyptian kings? What do you think are the similarities of the two movies? Both movies, Indiana Jones and The Mummy are adventure themed films. They have quite similary plot and subject. Both stories go round treasure hunting, artifacts and gold bars.

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