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"Grading the Graders", well worth the read.... - a report by the Rapnet Team.

RAPAPORT... No two diamonds are alike and it seems neither are their grading certificates. A survey by RapNet – the Rapaport Diamond Trading Network, found significant differences between laboratories grading the same diamond. 

While there is a common language used in the grading of diamonds, there are clear inconsistencies in the use of that language, concluded Saville Stern, chief operating officer of RapNet. Stern oversaw the study and presented its findings at the fourth annual Rapaport Diamond Certification Conference in Las Vegas on June 2.  

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China’s current ‘Year of the Dragon’ appears to have lost some of its fire as investors and ‎analysts view China’s economy with increasing caution. Chinese diamond buyers have ‎picked up on that sentiment and are holding back from making large-inventory purchases ‎as global economic concerns deepen and local consumer confidence fades. ‎

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Coloured Diamonds - Mine to Market

From Mine to Market

Most people don’t realize how long and complicated the journey of a diamond is, from its origin as a rough diamond in the depths of the earth until it reaches the end consumer in its polished form.


Out of the Ground

Most diamonds were formed 200-600 kilometres below the earth’s crust billions of years ago.

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Diamond Prices will go UP!! in the next 1-5 years !! (sell all gold now!)

Diamonds may not be a girl’s best friend during the next four years thanks to rising prices. The increase is expected to surpass gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) prices.

According to analysts, with the increased spending on luxury goods in China (NYSE:FXI), India (NYSE:IFN) and the Middle East, this could outpace the supply of this high-priced gem.

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