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Take a look at the slight variances in colour of a white diamond through the GIA

Play with GIA's interactive diamond color tool to see the differences in color grades here:http://bit.ly/1713rap

 This is a great tool demonstrating the slight difference in colour with white diamonds. As you can appreciate, a cost benefit needs to be determined when deciding what colour you are looking for. Given Australia is sooooo close to the equater, our natural light is always fantastic, so you dont need to be higher than F or G in colour - you will save approximately 20% just by purchasing in the G colour range.


Scientists find diamond planet

This artist's rendition released by Yale University shows the interior of 55 Cancri e, located 40 light years from Earth revolving around a star in the Cancer constellation. Source: Supplied

TWINKLING stars are not the only diamonds in the sky. Scientists have reported the existence of a "diamond planet" twice the size of Earth, and eight times its mass, zooming around a nearby star.

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By Yehuda Yakar, GG GIA, Chief Gemologist at GCI




All natural diamonds have faults that could negatively influence their gemological rating and financial value. Diamond cutters can remove some of the clarity faults, but some flaws demand a different treatment, one which has techniques developed since the 1970s to nowadays. Every treatment that a diamond undergoes must be disclosed at every stage. Anyone who violates this obligation is breaking rules which apply to members of every diamond bourse and association in the world. In some cases, it is even illegal not to disclose.

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Recent announcements by central banks to increase their Aussie dollar holdings are an expression of trust in the health of the Australian economy. But history suggests the boom will not endure, writes Timo Henckel of the Australian National University.

Central banks everywhere – from Russia to the Czech Republic – are piling into Australian-dollar-denominated assets. This has limited the fall of the Australian dollar to around 3% from its peak even though commodity prices, which are strongly correlated with the Aussie dollar, have fallen globally by 10%. Even the German Bundesbank, the stodgiest of central banks, announced its intention to increase its reserve allocation of Aussie dollar assets. Is the Australian dollar, the fifth-most traded and among the most volatile of currencies, about to rival the US dollar, the yen, and the Swiss franc as one of the world’s major reserve currencies? And does this increased demand for assets created down under change the way the Reserve Bank and the Treasury conduct policy?

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China’s current ‘Year of the Dragon’ appears to have lost some of its fire as investors and ‎analysts view China’s economy with increasing caution. Chinese diamond buyers have ‎picked up on that sentiment and are holding back from making large-inventory purchases ‎as global economic concerns deepen and local consumer confidence fades. ‎

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