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Take a look at the slight variances in colour of a white diamond through the GIA

Play with GIA's interactive diamond color tool to see the differences in color grades here:http://bit.ly/1713rap

 This is a great tool demonstrating the slight difference in colour with white diamonds. As you can appreciate, a cost benefit needs to be determined when deciding what colour you are looking for. Given Australia is sooooo close to the equater, our natural light is always fantastic, so you dont need to be higher than F or G in colour - you will save approximately 20% just by purchasing in the G colour range.


Deep pockets and global reach needed to make the cut

New diamond cuts may attract a lot of attention, but do they help a company attract its aims or simply deplete its resources?

What does a diamond manufacturer aim to achieve in releasing a new cut? Is the goal to conquer new markets, or to simply place the media spotlight on the company and help in marketing its other goods?

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