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Japan Pearls: Gems of lustrous classic beauty

Talking about Japan Pearls, many people will think of akoya pearls, which are produced in the cool waters of Japan. Japanese akoya pearls are known for their roundness and high lustre, as their nacre crystals are fine and compact, reflecting maximum light. A symbol of classic beauty, a necklace with Japanese akoya pearls in pinkish white colour is regarded as the best match for wedding gown.

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Rio releases sustainable jewellery range


Rio Tinto’s debut sustainable jewellery collection entitled ‘Nature’s Beauty’ is launched. The collection was showcased first at the JCK Luxury show in Las Vegas.


This collection is a pilot project by the miner, and is crafted with gold from Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Utah Copper mine in the US, and white and champagne diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. It offers earrings, rings, necklace and cuffs.

Rio Tinto has been at the vanguard of reform in the jewellery industry and results from consumer focus groups and quantitative research have revealed just how important the issue of sustainability is, in the eyes of jewellery consumers. Rio Tinto Diamonds chief commercial officer, Jean-Marc Lieberherr said, “Today’s consumer islooking for assurance that the jewellery they buy has been produced to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.”

Rio Tinto is the only miner certified by The Responsible Jewellery Council. Whilst remote from each other socially and geographically, Rio Tinto’s mines are linked by their commitment to sustainable mining practices and a desire to make a positive difference to the communities in which they reside.

The miner plans to introduce this collection as a trial run in the U.S. Rio Tinto launches sustainable jewellery collection.



The Hope Diamond - a good read courtesy of Smithsonian

The Hope Diamond

WEIGHT: 45.52 carats
CLARITY: VS1. Whitish graining is present.
COLOR: Natural fancy deep grayish-blue
CUT: Cushion antique brilliant with a faceted girdle and extra facets on the pavilion.
   Length: 25.60 mm
   Width: 21.78 mm
   Depth: 12.00 mm

Today, like every day, thousands to tens of thousands of visitors will press into the Harry Winston Gallery of the Smithsonian’s Geology, Gems and Minerals exhibition to experience the beauty, magic and mystery of the Hope Diamond, making it, perhaps, the most visited museum object in the world.

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Recent announcements by central banks to increase their Aussie dollar holdings are an expression of trust in the health of the Australian economy. But history suggests the boom will not endure, writes Timo Henckel of the Australian National University.

Central banks everywhere – from Russia to the Czech Republic – are piling into Australian-dollar-denominated assets. This has limited the fall of the Australian dollar to around 3% from its peak even though commodity prices, which are strongly correlated with the Aussie dollar, have fallen globally by 10%. Even the German Bundesbank, the stodgiest of central banks, announced its intention to increase its reserve allocation of Aussie dollar assets. Is the Australian dollar, the fifth-most traded and among the most volatile of currencies, about to rival the US dollar, the yen, and the Swiss franc as one of the world’s major reserve currencies? And does this increased demand for assets created down under change the way the Reserve Bank and the Treasury conduct policy?

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The Oppenheimer, The Steinmetz Pink and the Millennium Star MOVIE